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Macau is a splendid island positioned towards the west of Pearl River Delta. The island borders Guangdong Province and faces the South China Sea on the southern and eastern sides. This well connected island that can be reached with absolutely no hassle consists of Macau Inner Harbor, Downtown Macau, Macau Outer Harbor, Taipa Island and Coloane Island.
Boasting a colorful history, Macau is an island that is home to many diverse and intriguing tourist attractions. This fine paradise island features various churches, cathedrals, temples and more than 15 interesting museums worth exploring. Some of the best places to visit include St. Lawrence Church, St. Augustine Church and Square, Leal Senado, Lou Kau Mansion, St. Paul's Church, Mount Fortress and Macau Museum, Chapel of St Francis Xavier, Seac Pai Van Park and much more.
Dining is also a major factor that attracts large numbers of tourists to Macau and the scene is ever booming. Almost every month new restaurants and dining outlets keep opening offering visitors new and exciting dining options to experience. In almost every corner of Macau, visitors will come across an extensive variety of dining venues that satisfy the taste buds of each and every different individual. The most noteworthy feature is that Macau's dining scene is extremely diverse. There are small noodle shops to lively restaurants along the beach, 3 star restaurants and many famous family run eateries are also available.
Although this fascinating island destination offers cuisine from different parts of the world, it is essential to taste at least one meal from the delectable range of Macanese delicacies which are primarily a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese dishes. Some of the most mouth watering Macanese dishes include curry crab, African chicken, clams with black beans and many more. Ideal dining venues in Macau include The Kitchen, 3 Monkeys, Ping's Shark's Fin, Furusato, Henri's Gallery, Sai Nam and many more.
Dining in Macau becomes a much more pleasant treat if guests choose to stay at a well appointed Macau hotel such as The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel that features comfort and warm hospitality at its very best.

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